I just can't get jade whip right

When I try to do jade whip the string never enters the gap, and if it does only like 1 out of 20 do it right and its just luck.a Can someone give some tips on how to perform jade whip correctly and consistently?

check you string tension, then you can pinch the sting when you are going and aim into the gap of the yoyo. other then that, it’s practicing :slight_smile:

Line your fist up with the gap of the yoyo after whippong.

try the search bar maybe somebody else asked the same thing

You have to grab the string with 4 fingers (not your thumb) and then curl your wrist down to aim into the gap. Curl your wrist and release the string when you’ve hit.

This takes a lot of time getting used to.

you pinch with ur thumb and index also thats how u whip and aim ;D

I tried the pinching with the thumb and index to aim the whip and it worked perfectly. Thanks for the help.

When I first learned jade whip I tried it with a dead yoyo. Hold the inside half of the yoyo and just practice whipong the string on the OUTSIDE half of the yoyo. Then eventually try it while it is spinning

Let the string do the work. Don’t try to manipulate it with hand movement.