I hope the Mods are Ok with This

So the other day, I posted that I would not be yoyoing anymore, but I would miss the community. You guys suggested that I upload my video game videos (which I’m starting to make) so I can still be involved with my old friends. If the mods are ok with this, that’s what I’ll be doing.


A sub/like would be appreciated to help get my channel going. This is my first video, so let me know what you think.

Do a video of a fun game.

I don’t know what kind of games you think are fun, but MW3, Minecraft, and TF2 are very fun to me. and millions of other people.

Welcome to the “quit yoyoing for videogames club”
You are welcome. (seewhatididthere)

I’m sure the mods will be OK since you posted it in Unrelated Discussion.

I’m actually heading in the other direction: quit video games for yoyoing.

But hey, there’s enough movement in either direction to go around. It’s all good.

I was ready to cringe, but it wasn’t bad. You’re not bad at commentary, I’d be interested in a minecraft video from you if anything…

I don’t want to be mean, but I suggest posting a gameplay with more than 27 kills and less than 7 deaths.

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Hey, that was pretty good man!
I also play MW3, Black ops and I’m starting to get a little into Minecraft as well, and I might start to post gameplays on it.
I think it’s pretty cool to see when other yoyoers have other similar hobbies as me.
Good luck to your channel, and I hope you get it to become very successful! :wink:

You know what I really hate? when people say I quit yoyoing for video games. I quit because I wanted to. I’ve always played games.

I don’t know why you hate that. People often quit one hobby to become more dedicated to a different one. They’re not saying “I quit Yugioh and I’ve heard of this new thing called video games, so I’m gonna go check out that thing that I’ve never experienced before instead.” What they’re saying is, they believe they will enjoy themselves more if they dedicate the time they would normally dedicate to yoyoing to vidoe games. I don’t see any reason to hate this.

Why would we bother messing with you on this. I consider video games a skill toy but we’ll keep it in unrelated section. Stick around for a while. You never know. You may start yoyoing again.