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I left yoyoing a while ago, because I was getting frustrated with not being able to learn anything new or get much better. Not sure how many people will remember me, even though it was only like 5 months since I quit yoyoing and the forum. Another reason why I quit was because I was not getting along with a lot of people. I got in a lot of arguments about a lot of silly stuff. And for a while I was obsessed with YYF and only YYF, and I’m sure that got a lot of people to be annoyed with me. lol
Anyways, when I started my channel back in 2009 and started to make videos I reached over 200 subs, but I lost some since I stopped uploading. I’m gonna start a new one soon, and instead of uploading a lot of low quality videos with a low quality editing software (like I have done in the past), I’m going to try to do stuff that’s a little more original and better editing. I already have a combo video planned with Evan Nagao, so that should be a fun project.
Thanks for reading guys, and I look forward to getting back into yoyoing and being more social in this community. :slight_smile:

I remember you! I got out of it too man, for a year. And now I’m back, and although I’ve missed alot over that time, I’ve realized how much I’ve missed it and how awesome it is.

Now I throw constantly, even though I barely remember a bulk of my tricks. Just gotta keep motivated.

Welcome back.

Welcome back! I remember you and I’m glad you came back to the forums and yoyoing. Can’t wait for the video.

Glad to have you back! And yes I do remember you and wondered when you would come back.

Hi. :wink: