I hope I'm not alone in this one...

I’m considering applying thick lube to one of my wide gapped, unresponsive throws to make it responsive. I’m thinking…my DV888 or even my Lyn Fury [once I swap the cracked bearing inside].

I’ve felt like my yoyo play is still not smooth and clean, no matter how many times I do the same tricks over and over again. I started with unresponsive yoyos, but I’m also learning looping/2A. So how I was ‘brought up’ is a bit different. So I want to also play responsive to practice.

I’m not saying that I won’t get better unless I play responsive or people who only play unresponsive are sloppy. Not at all. I’m just saying that if I can make my throw tug responsive.

And to those who have actually done this…does it work? :open_mouth: I’m really curious.
Thanks :smiley:

Actually, the Duncan Raptor comes with a pretty wide gap and a thick-lubed bearing out of the box. I’ve used it, and it is definitely responsive with thick lube. The Lyn Fury would work well too. However, the DV888 has a slightly wider gap than the Raptor, so I’m not too sure about that one. Other than that, if you have enough thick lube, go for it. Just don’t over-do it.

get the half spec. the wide gap on a regular large bearing will cause loose winds, up-loops, and ugly moons.

Thanks for the tip, sir! I’ll might as well buy a ONE just for the bearing so I get more bang for my buck.
I was thinking of cheaper options 'cause I don’t really wanna spend money. Speaking of tight gaps, how about the Lyn Fury even with the standard size C bearing?

i haven’t had a lyn in a LONG time, but if you leave the o-rings in and lube it, it should do you fine for responsive play. the nice thing about having a half-spec is that you can drop it in lots of nice, smooth, metal yo-yo’s and see how they play responsive. i miss playing my flying v’s (pretty much all of which i have set up with thick-lubed half-specs).

Eeek. My Lyn is actually a hand-me-down and my friend had shaved the o-rings flush =[
I guess, like I said earlier, I’ll just grab myself a YYF ONE and use the half spec bearing on any of my metals. Yay. :smiley: