I have an actual Youtube video!

Yes, I have a video. No, it’s not yoyo related…darn !  :wink:
Just watch it. Sure you won’t understand it, but remember, I made this!

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You were right, I didn’t understand it. You did get a view from me.  Now show us a video with your fg avalanche

Donald glover is hilarious. :smiley:

Someone gets it!

I actually can’t buy it…I have to pay for a new retainer  :’( and now the Avalanches are sold out!!! :’(

His story about pooping in the display toilets at Home Depot had me rolling!!

If babies could talk…oh man! That had me rolling…

Sorry you missed out on that.  I’m probably too old to get that video.  It will happen to you some day.

I know, hopefully not soon

It only gets better.

Yes, I know it’s really blurry. I’m not good at this witchcraft called editing…

Just noticed your avatar for the first time, What You Know is a great song.

Everyone is hating on the new album, but I adore it

Haven’t listened to it.

What band are we talking about?

Two Door Cinema Club

If i ever woke up as a donut id eat myself!

Community is one of my favorite TV shows! (next to Arrested Development, Doctor Who, The IT Crowd, and Archer)

Are you caught up?

I’m not! I really keep telling myself to get around to catching up, but I really haven’t had time lately to sit down and just watch an episode or two. The main issue I keep running into is that “alright 1 episode before going to sleep” turns into “why is the sun risi- oh god I have class in 2 hours”