I have a great Idea for a yoyo, what do I do with it?

okay, so I’m in love with the Northstar. I have a great idea on how to improve it and tweek it and I was wondering what I should do with my idea to make it a reality.

So I’m asking you all, and anyone who has made their own yoyo before, what I should do.

Like do I start with making it on a CAD program? and if so what CAD program can I easily get? (best if its a free program)

Or do I contact YYF and ask them to chat?

Is anyone on the forums good at making plastic yoyos and is willing to help out?

Thank you all who reply and give me advice! Im hoping to make my dream yoyo a reality.

If you want to make a plastic yoyo, it’s going to cost you about $10k.

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To make a CNC model, yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,71437.0.html

That’s if you were to machine it on a CNC lathe, or get it injection molded. Machining is much cheaper in small numbers than injection molding. If you would hand mill it, you just need a lathe. Plastic yoyos nearly always use spacers for their bearing seats.

First things first, you’ll need a good lawyer…

I have $15…

and what if I only wanted to make 1?

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it’s gonna be alot more money than you want to pay.

Plastic yoyo=big mold=10k.
Delrin=machining=not 10k
Metal=machining=still not 10k

If what you have in mind is a slightly modded Northstar, you just have to find a modder that is willing to work on your idea.

If you planing to make injection mold plastic yoyo, unless you are planing to make a huge run, just do yourself a favor and scrap the idea.

Machining cost will cost you a fair bit of money.

Machining a mold for injection mold plastic yoyo will cost you even more, much, much more.