I have 2 BRT's left! Get them quick!

I made two more and this is likely to be the end of them. I am moving on to a new project and will be focusing fully on that. It is bike related if you were wondering…

Anyway, these are super-limited and only $12 each, shipped. I may throw in some stickers as well.

These work perfectly. They do not get stuck and are manufactured with the finest precision instruments known to man. The BRuTe is quite possibly the finest bearing removal tool known to exist. Made of USA made carbon steel and features a machined tip to safely remove a standard large bearing (it can remove others but is not as snug). They also feature a machined hole (on opposite end) for placement on a key-ring so you can carry your BRuTe with you no matter where you go and you will not forget it. It is very compact as well, only about 2" in length. For your convenience I have added a hole in the center of the bearing removal end to accommodate the axle in case it cannot be removed.

Any questions please PM me.

Ok, they are now GONE! Thanks everyone!