I have 130$....I wanna buy.....

Anything your selling in that area :slight_smile:

PSP? SKYY Chaser or PGM or 2010 FH2?
oops, meant to PM you.

no thanks

umm i got 2 legacys, 2010 freehand, maverick?

I should have a Dark Magic, a PGM, and FHZ I will sell you for 130 very soon!! ha ha ha J/K ;D ;D

A rim satined G5?

a raw y factor and a pink bassalope

G5, b!st centauro, hardcoat dv888, cuztom annoed dv888, hayabusa, legacy


You should post a list of what you want so these poor people don’t waste your time offering…

$130 on strings? What???

not all $130 dollars on string he can buy how ever many he wants

a g5 or a xconvict or a newbreed

I got a Wooly Marmot I am looking for a home for? Interested see my B/S/T http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,18695.0.html