Twisted Strings! Try them! Looking for SFX and HM Pro. PSP for trade.

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Here is a review of some of my strings:,
and another from a fellow twister:,21354.0.html


I sell in packs of 6.

Normal: These Strings are fairly soft. They do whips and suicides well, but not amazingly. They are really durable. I can play one all day and see no fraying! $2.50

Softies: These have changed a bit from the original version. These are softer than the “normal”. The do whips a about the same. $2.50

Thick Chick : These strings are thicker than the others. They do whips and slacks great! They are not very rough like some strings, but are rougher than the 2 formats listed above. They have the same durability as “normal.” $2.75… Unavailable currently because of trouble making them. Sorry.

Economy: An all poly string. These will sell fairly cheap. They do whips fine, hold tension well, and have a nice, soft feel to them. $2.25.

Thin Skin- These are a blend of one of my old thread types and 1 completely new type. These whip well and hold tension well after break in. They are durable and fairly cheap to make. $2.50

I am also looking for string trades.


I am looking for a white Kickside, a white Legacy, a white Lyn Fury, a Hitman Pro, a SFX, and Dark Magic 2.
colors other than the ones listed are fine, but I would prefer what I listed.

What i have:
PSP and 14 games- Model 2001 PSP. Also comes with case, car charger, and other accessories. $220 takes all the PSP stuff.

Black Addiction: This is a 1 of 15 BAC Pre-Release. Mint! This thing is very smooth on the string but has a slight vibe on grinds… OFFER

Freehand 2: I have 1 blue and 1 green. The green is mint and the blue has a bit of damage. The blue one is recessed on both sides. You may also ask for one that is half blue and half green. I WILL TRADE 1 OF THESE FOR A KICKSIDE, LYN FURY, OR LEGACY. I WILL TRADE BOTH FOR A HITMAN PRO, SFX, OR DARK MAGIC 2.
You may also offer cash or other yoyos.

If you want more information or some pictures, send me a PM.


Ill give you my Juggernaut for your Blue Protostar.

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i NEED pads

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I need some opinions on my string ;D


How much for 1 String?

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I am working on a new string format.


If you need a tester ever, I would be more than happy to write a review for you.

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ill trade u highlights and my home made string for ur bigyo

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Looking for someone to buy and review my string

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try them pleeeeeaseeeee.


For the first few reviews, you should give 2 or 3 away to someone, ask them to review it. Also, shipping is only 44 cents.


how much for a pack of strings

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you should put the prices of the strings in your original post.

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need an sfx

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small update

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looking for a new string, which ones me
an awesome possum or an economy
too bad i didnt know these get real good slack
now im comin from the mail box with a used highlight pack

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