I had the Grail, and It Slipped Through My Fingers!

I was able to finally get my hands on this Grail, thanks to the “dibs” A-RT did after the powder coated run!

I possessed it for only a day, as I seem to have lost it.

My son had an Asthma attack last night, something new to our family, and I took him to the ER. I guess I was distracted by the whole process, and left it somewhere at the hospital. :’(

At least my son is fine! :slight_smile:


I hope it somehow shows up!! Been checking out the Grails for a while now and have yet to get my hands on one. I say, put a Missing Poster up at the Hospital… offer a small reward! :wink:

Really happy your son is doing better now!!


Glad all is well with your son! Hopefully the hospital has it in lost and found, luckily most people would have no idea what it is so I can’t imagine them snatching it.


Yeah, they said to check back on Monday.

Glad your son is doing ok. My daughter was born a month ago and had to spend 24 hours in the Special Care Unit, I now understand the worry, and how scared you can be as a parent.

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Yeah, my middle son was a bit premature, and had to spend some time in the neonatal unit. He’s healthy as an OX now!

It’s definitely hard to think straight, and to remember things like yoyos during those times, at least for me.

Good news is I found the Grail under a shirt! I was so sure I had put it in my pocket as I was leaving for the hospital, but now I vaguely remember thinking I should leave it home.


Awesome!! Happy you found it…! :slight_smile:

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Glad it turned out ok.

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Glad all is well and you found the Grail!

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Yes! Glad you found it. So hey, now that you’ve got it, if you wanna unload it… :wink:

^Heh, I am a bit on the fence with it. I need to get to know it a little better. I’ll keep you in mind, though. :wink:

I love a story with a ‘double’ happy ending. :grin:
Especially glad your son is ok. I know those kiddo health scares can really be stressful.