I got four people into yo-yoing in two day


They learn binding and Eli hop in two days. And are trying breakaway.

Recently I m trying to get my prototype and have a batch of it. I m considering to get 5 people each weeks into yo-yoing in the future by doing freestyle and sell these yoyo with real low price(7 dollar I guess)

I m pretty exciting now , study at a university with near 30 thousand student… Am I able to get 1%of them into yo-yoing .(300 hundred yoyoer in one place , can you imagine that…)

Any one give some advice will be much nice


Sounds awesome!! Just make sure they stick to it lol but sounds like they are advancing fast. One of the biggest issue I had with my friends is that they just couldn’t bind lol … Maybe I Shuda started them with responsive throws.


I work at a tuition centre and they had this big picnic yesterday with all the students and a few teachers. Got a couple of kids into throwing and they seem to enjoy the challenge of unresponsive throws and learning to bind.



I am at a barber/cosmetology school 3-5 days a week, 2 hours a day. Peak time when kids come in. They see me throwing constantly but don’t understand why they can’t try my yoyos. So, I’ve got a case coming in and I’m gonna stock that with inexpensive beginner yoyos. After Nationals, I’ll pick up some “potential beaters” that are easy for little kids to learn on and try out, keep the case at the shop and always be prepared.

I figure a Fast 201, 2 ProZ’s configured differently, a Butterfly XT, a Freakhand or FH2 if on sale(freak them out with a 5A option), a Classic(stock) and a Fireball.

If we can expose people to it, then immediately let them experience some success, that will hook a lot of them. Much better than them video games, MUDs and MOOs and other online stuff like that.


MUDs and MOOs???


What, am I “dating” myself here? Where do you think 95% of this online gaming garbage evolved out of?


I still don’t understand… whatever.


[quote=“Pajama Man 8398,post:7,topic:43345”]

so its like a video game?