I got a stuffed Rat in the mail today

Like I said the rat came in the mail today. If you don’t know what I’m talking about it is the packaging of the Hugo Z Hor yo-yo from the Czech Republic. I have never written an review before and this being my first all metal yo-yo I will be incredibly bias in my opinion.

First off the package is a thing of beauty, that is one of the most creative ideas that I have ever seen. I was thinking when I opened up the rat this looks like they smuggled the yo-yo in to  Americana with out permission. Cool and original package 100 points (not that points mean anything it is my opinion)

First opinion, this thing is smooth to the touch, the finish is beautiful, but there is a few flaws one being the ano is weak on the inside of the blue side you have to look but it is there, and the yo-yo came with three small dings right next to each other, if they were spread out I may not be so critical, but they are there and it bothers me for spending $100 on a yo-yo I would like no dings when I get it they are in the blue side to. As for size it is small and in my hands it looks really small comparing it to the X-Con and Lyn Fury (pics below). The spikes are sweet not crazy sharp but you have to be careful, I have never done a matador trick but they are easy with this thing.    85 Points

The throw, I used the stock bearing (.025X .500X .187 in) first smooth and no vibe, but very noise so noise that I couldn't throw it when my kids are a sleep it would wake them up. Then I put in my new Born Crucial grooved bearing Very Nice smooth clean and it balanced out my throw if it was a little off center. Sleep time stock bearing 1min 30 sec, Born crucial 1 min. Very good throw and when binding it came back with force the response is flowable silicone. 95 Points

 The feel of it is light even though it weights 65.4g and small it will take some getting use to,  but it is a sweet yo-yo and worth every penny that I spent even with the dings. Good grinding and thumb grinds I don't know I'm too busy spinning it on the tip of my finger like a top. Plays well and for this slow old man it is an excellent yo-yo.

Sweet review… Didnt get the title at all until read!

Darn rats >:( Infesting and stuff’s

I also don’t think they were dings! That darn rat started digesting it already. It’s a good thing you got it out when you did, otherwise you’d have wound up with a bearing and some freyed string, and the remnants of a purple piece of metal. PHEWWW!!! Close call. ;D

Here are the dings >:( :’(

Those dings would infuriate me if I just bought that brand new. If I were you (and assuming it bothers you), I would contact the company over it and have them send you another one. No excuse for a brand new yoyo to have dings.

Yes, I absolutely agree! I was just being funny in my first response, but I would definately not be to happy if a 100+ dollar yoyo came with dings!!! >:(

Ya I agree,return it! >:(

Lucky! I want one!. Im glad that there is a review for it now XD.

I will be contacting YYN about it tonight :-\

Thats good.

Ya Im glad your doing so,it must suck for you though.

Yah I really want to play and I can’t Oh well, I can wait it just makes it a bit sweeter when I get it.

Forget all that jazz!!! Throw that sucker around a bit, just make sure you do it in an open area over carpet lol. See if you like it. I don’t know how everyone always has dings and scratches all over their yoyo’s, I’ve never hit or dinged or scratched any of mine…

/knocks on wood!!! ::slight_smile:

I did to get the feel of it and it is oh so nice, I am a worrie woart and don’t want to ding it accidently :-. I usualy baby them unless I’m doing off string with my Lyn and 5a with my X-Con learning usualy causes dings and scraches.

When you get out if this delima, please post a review!

Can i have the rat???

EDIT: im totally serious.

sorry I’m sending it back to. :’(

Oh…ok. Well if you get another rat I will give you 5 bucks for it!! ;D

I sent it back for a refund I was looking for a little more yoyo It is to small for me and to light. It is a great yo-yo but just not the one for me. That is the only problem living in the area that I can’t throw a yo-yo befor I buy it. The bully is out and it is the weight and size more to my liking. There will be a review for that soon. With all that being said it is a great yo-yo and I would recomend it to any one that is looking for a small light yo-yo.