So I asked for a yo-yo off of this site for my birthday and today I asked if I could get an early present! I GOT THE DUNCAN METAL DRIFTER!!! This is the first metal/good/professional yo-yo that I have ever gotten and so far I LOVE IT!!! Anyone else have good experience with the Metal Drifter? Or have some cool tricks to do with it? :smiley:

I mean, you can do any trick on any yoyo. It just depends on what you can do. Plus it’s responsive, so you might have some trouble on it on some certain tricks.

I would imagine that a bearing cleaning and removing one friction stick will allow you to play unresponsive. If you like it stock, great I am glad to hear you got something you enjoy :smiley:


I recommend buying a bearing kit or a speed beetle so that you can beefcake it. Clean both bearings. Put in small spacers. Take off one pad. Enjoy.

beefcaking a yoyo can cause a phenomenon known as kickback. kickback is not good.

There’s no kickback if you use the right size of spacers.

The Metal Drifter is a great yoyo at a great price. Glad you like it.

No need to beefcake it, clean the bearing and put one Duncan sili pad in it. It will play dead unresponsive that way. It’s how I have mine set up.

what is kickback?

A commercial bribe paid by a seller to a purchasing agent in order to induce the agent to enter into the transaction :smiley:


I got one two, and it is one of my favorite yoyos, stock.