I dyed an Mexican Wrestler

This is the first time I have dyed any thing and it turned out OK I guess. :-\ The yo-yo is an Luchador from Throw Down yo-yos, some one modded it to have a SPR and it wobbles like a bad tire. The counted weights are some thing I orderd just for fun, they are 1" delrin. I didn’t leave the string in long enough to keep the color it faded when it dryed.

how do you dye yoyos could you tell me what materials i need ???

They need to be a plastic like delrin, or if you dye an cleon or other plastic you need more than just dye and water. There is a few post on the form that talk about it just look them up.

Awesome, looks really nice :wink:

*lucha LIBRE

nice work. pretty rich for no acetone.

Your right Ed I was thinking about it today and I used the wrong name Sorry all Lucha Libre