I don't know what to pick pls help!

This has been bothering me for a while but I like 2 yoyos. YYJ Meteor and sOMEThING Addiction. I want feedback on which I should get and reviews on each yoyo. I really like both but I can only get one as of now so please help!

Meteor is outdated with the highwall design. Go for an addiction which has a low wall and weight rings to increase stability

I personally will choose Meteor because it has a place in my heart… or sort of.
Easiness-to-play wise, Addiction is sure easier with low wall design, a Meteor will be easier to tilt, not that it’s a bad thing but for some it is.
In the end it depends on yourself.

Drop both and buy a HOT, I’ve played MANY yoyos and out of them, I like the supernova and the HOT, but if your not a YYF suck up like me, I personally think the best non YYF yoyo is the Capricorn by tropicspins

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The Addiction is a great throw, would be better to have that than meteor unless you want the meteor just to own one. Never tried a HOT before so I wouldnt know anything about that lol.

Forget about palpitation,draupnir,isotope 2, agonist,leviathan 5,anglam,phaser,Ti-Walker,Dazzler,Laser,anglam cc, sleipnir,irony jp x, AC2,Chief, equilibrium, off the top of my head