I Dont know what to get ! :(


Hi there everyone

In my yoyo case the yoyo’s worth mentioning are my CLYW Avalanche, yoyofactory 08 888, Anti-yo M1 , onedrop M1 and a DV888.

I always find myself however either playing my Avalanche or my 888, both of which i love but i’ve found myself reaching more for my 888 recently, because I think I prefer the size more. I feel the full sized CLYW yoyo’s are :o amazing but just a tiny bit too large for my liking .

My question is what yoyo should i be looking for that is the same width of the 888 and Avalanche but more in the 888 size range, which i think is around 50 - 51 mm diameter :slight_smile:

Any suggestions would be great :slight_smile:



Well, the original Bear vs. Man was about 52mm I believe. Perhaps hit up BSTs for one? I myself love undersized and although my BvM is a little on the larger side it still tickles my fancy. A few yo-yos you might want to research are the Hspin Phoenix, Yoyofactory Skyline, and the Yoyojams Axiom and Enemy. All good undersized throws imo.


you might want to look into the dietz. It is my favorite undersized throw.


Yyr messiah is a good undersized I hear. The yyf nova is also one of my fave throws. It’s small, but plays just like a supernova.


My favorite undersized throw is the Spin Dynamics Monkeyfist, but if you like the 888 scope out the smooth move.


The G2 nessieis a great throw at 54 mm.

(SlimJoe) #7

Gnarwhals and Y-Factors are pretty good. If you can find a P2, those are pretty good too.