I cannot get my hubstacks off!?


I have tried the string method and the plastic comes off easy enough but the bearing won’t come off whatever I do. ???


What yoyo is it? It might just be tight. Try pliers.


first of all,

thanks for replying sooooo quickly ;D

1 view and 1 reply I think that might be a new record :wink:

It is a b grade classic 888 ;D


Haha. Try pliers. Regular pliers, not needle-nose.

Like these:


WOW a pic and everything that is impressive ;D

I’ll go try it :wink:

let you know if I have any more trouble with it :wink:


sorry to double post :’(

I tied the pliers as tight as I dare to go with no result :-\

hmmm ???


Did you try taking off the o-ring?



… ???