I can order anything under 200 bucks, need some tips!

Titel says it all.

Not really.

What a titel? Jk.

What are your preferences?




We need to know to help you.

There is an endless amount of yo-yos under $200.

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what is your skill level as well. it wouldn’t be practical to recommend a Positron for a beginner, and a flying squirrel for a master

Something YYR.

we don’t know his skill level yet.

His favorite yoyo is a genesis so we know he can at least bind.

Whenever I see stuff when the poster says that the “title says it all” or words to those effects, typically, it doesn’t say really anything useful.

Good luck spending your money.

Yeah, I know what you mean.

Get’s on my nerves.

6 go bigs and a fiesta.

If I were you I’d try to find another 100 and wait for the Ti5’s to come out.

Save your money for something more important is my suggestion

7 Legacy II’s and shipping. Get different colors!

It really is up to you to decide what you want.
You provided limited information so trying to answer the question proves to be a bit of a challenge.

Are you looking for a 1A yoyo? Or other styles, multiples? Or one premium yoyo.
Oversized, undersized?
Wide? Slimline?
Fast or slow?
Light of heavy?

Some of these specifications might help us in guiding you to the right choice.


weight, between 63 and 68
Size… Don’t really know
Shape H-shape

Wide gap and smooth

You should look into some of c3’s yoyos. I have a feeling that they would suit your preferences quite well.
Granted many are not exactly H shaped, but the shape is more of a gimmick then anything.

In particular, you might want to check out the darkstar and master galaxy. Both incredible yoyos.

Also if you are looking for something really unique, give the madhouse compulsion a look. Really fun yoyo that has a good weight to it, and a nice shape that feels awesome during play, and complete smooth.

With whatever you choose, good luck and have fun!


I little birdie told me YYE is getting some CLYW Clacier Expresses before too long.

Seems to me like that might just be everything you’re looking for.

Should be out soon…

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Rec Rev TA-1A (Aluminum) ($70.00)
100 pack of black/white/blue string ($12.99)
Tube of Lube ($6.99)
Leather Yoyo Holder ($25.00)

And you’ll have change left over!!!
(Since they come with the Crucial Grooved Bearing it makes it worth it!)


(Norwegian language underneath)
Jeg har selv en Juggernaut, elsker den! Da har du også noe “alle” ikke har. Den er ganske “bestemt” i oppførselen, som i at den ikke er floaty. Og veldig smooth!