I be a minute GT

Dude, no word of a lie… and you will confirm in mere moments…

I JUST PM’d you about this. Literally right before clicking “Show unread posts”!!!?!!!

Now to watch…

Now up!

Learned! I had already done a lot of legwork in learning the trick, and pretty much “had” it except there were one or two details I wasn’t sure about. The “Quick Tip” in Logi’s tutorial confirmed a suspicion I was having, and now I’m landing this 90%* of the time.

  • 90% is for the slightly modified version I do; Alex Gallimore who typically throws with a sideways “front throw”, discovered that the string doesn’t get “sucked up” into the gap as easily on a front throw. So that’s how I’ve been doing it as well. I can still hit it with the breakaway, but I’m happy to modify slightly and go with that. :wink: