I am so HAppy!!!!

ok so yesterday yoyo factory sent me a brand new protostar!!!

and just today I recived my new ministar!!!
anyone else as happy as I am???

No =(. lucky

I’m pretty happy about my satined #9 coming soon!

Yes, I just got a yoyo that a good-hearted person sent me :slight_smile:

My Happiness<Yours

I would feel happy if I knew where my mum hid my G5 because I keep asking if I can have an early B-Day present, my B-Day is on wednesday though so not long to wait now!

i just ordered a dv888! ;D
but i live in Norway so i have to wait fore like 3 weeks(!)

I’m so happy because my Protege should be in the mail with my Yoyofactory Undeniable DVD tomorrow!!! Too bad that it doesn’t have Tyler Severance in it because they made it before TYler was sponsored and when Kentaro was on their team. But it looks really good!!! Also Jensen’s not in the video because he was still sponsored by CLYW, but whatever! I’m so excited!!! ;D

Kentaro Kimura, If so he is in the video, he is in it quite alot, with Vashek Kroutil and on his own!

I’m happy to be the first and only Malaysian to own a Hspin ICON!!! XD
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My first metal!!!