Hype about worlds


I am so hyped/ excited about worlds I can’t sleep!!!


Wish I was there!! I guess I’ll have to watch on YouTube…:grimacing:


Considering that Worlds is considered the pinnacle(or peak for CLYW fans) of the competing yoyo world, it comes as no surprise there would be hype.

I was going to go, but logistics worked against me. Either way, there’s no excitement for me, it’s a job. I was going to help run production. I just focus and get the job done. I’m a professional when it comes to audio and production.

I just want to see amazing routines. I don’t care who wins, well except for 4A, I do want Bryan Figueroa to finally take it.


I really wanna see who wins! And Bryans my favorite 4a player too. I hope he wins, I wish I could go, but school starts (DDDAAAHHHH) and its in Florida :-\