Dow humidity mess with silicone pads, because I was throwing outdoors in my lovely home state of Georgia, but then my Protostar started to act weirdly and I found one of my pad have fallen off. Could it be caused by the humidity?


The heat combined with humidity as well as the use of the response pads can do strange things. Well, not really. The moisture and heat can break down the adhesive and cause pads to fall out. Sometimes flowable silicone can fare better since it doesn’t have an adhesive element.

It could also be that you’ve simply worn out the pad and you’re due for new pads. I have discovered when pads are wearing out, they tend to rip out, tear out and fall out. This isn’t always true, but it can be.

Also, you might consider a glove for your left hand. I learned about string burn in Vietnam on a trip. I even prepared by bringing in a 100-count of Type X, which is nice and soft, but it wasn’t soft enough. Next trip, I’m bringing 2 gloves to be safe. Let me just say 4A was NOT pleasant!


That’s so weird. I went on a cruise not long ago and I was yoyoing for a week. Keep in mind that the cruise was to the carribeans for a week, and I didn’t feel anything, except for the nasty string. And I was only throwing for about 5 minutes before it happened.


How long have you been playing those pads?

When I went to Vietnam, my Fiesta XX pads finally wore out and were ripped out. Odd coincidence. I also had spare pads on me so I was good to go. I unfortunately forgot, so I just switched to my GoBig, RexTreme and Jet Set. I’d had the Fiesta XX well over a year by that point in time, maybe closet to a year and a half.


I think its nothing to be worried about. The heat and humidity might affect it, but really, I think its a coincidence. You should be good to go after replacing the pad :).