hubstacks for axiom GM or M1


is there any way I could buy separate hubstacks for a axion, plastic grind machine or an m1


You can buy the Hubstack Upgrade Kit from YYN. For the stackless Grind Machine–No, it won’t work, because the axle is too small.

The Axiom will work, but according to several of my friends, it will mess is up slightly.

An M1 wasn’t designed to take stacks, but you can do it, but you need some modding skills, or else say good-bye to your M1.


how will it mess up the axiom?


wobble city


any tips to prevent it from wobbling


not really, thats why its not recommended to hubstack an axiom, if you really want to that badly just put synergy caps on it


If you really want hubs, get synergy stacks or just get a stacked yoyo. It wont mess it up… and theres no risk


They have some baaaad neighborhoods :wink:


haha nice one dude


are the g5 z-stacks the right size?


No. Z-Stacks dont work like the way you are thinking.


Doesn’t the Grind Machine come with hubstacks?
And just use synergy caps for the AXIOM and the M1. The M1 will require a little work though.


yes they do but I got the unstacked version because I think over $20 extra for stacks is not worth it


It actually costs an extra $20 just to have them added!



go to shop/yoyo factory /grind machine look at the choices for no stacks and stacks
I think it is ridiculos how the price is over double for stacks


PSSST!  when they restock… check the bottom 2… 19.99$ for stacked  ;D ;D



I meant on yoyoexpert

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apparently, one of my friends said that u have to find an axiom size axle long enough to support the stacks. people say u can buy the FHZ upgrade kit from YYG but some ppl say it wont work on the axiom. samad is correct, u can stack an axiom, it just takes a little modding of the axle.

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haha i have synergy caps and they are really fun to use. but, they do come with a price, wobble. not much but i find it annoying. it does not affect yoyo play at all though.

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I would just recomend getting a yo-yo that’s made for hubs?