HSPIN NETWORK - reflections on upcoming 3 years anniversary

The HSPIN NETWORK was launched 3 years ago, as the first team intended to work as digital collaborative platform to support what it takes to run HSPIN. Here are some reflections:

  1. Every single current or passed member was hand picked by me. Most decisions have turned out to be great ones. Handpicking members is crucial for creating a “family” of enthusiasts.
  2. Creating a team is actually more work than less. I had hoped to let others contribute significantly to some of the core activities of HSPIN in order to move faster and get bigger with the same net workload for me. This has proven to be very difficult, or impossible. Also, managing a team, and keeping everyone happy is a big task creating additional work.
  3. Few is better than more. Roles were consolidated from more than six to only three. Regular HN member, competitor member and contractor.
  4. Supporting a team properly is expensive. The HN knows this, I have been lamenting this for a year now :slight_smile:
  5. A genuine “drive” to build, a restlessness to do something or an ambition to make a lasting difference are personal features that only some are born with. I did my best attempt to pick members with these intrinsics in mind. That and loyalty.

You will see more change in the HSPIN NETWORK. Also many exciting signature yoyos. Shinya and Corli’s yoyos are next.

Above is a fantastic video clip from a get-together of the European HN members in London. Flying in Shinya and Noel from abroad would have been wonderful, but expensive. We met to exchange ideas and plan the future of HSPIN. It was a memorable few days. Since then, Hadrien and Corli have joined our team who are unfortunately (like Noel and Shinya) not in the clip. Thanks everyone. Thanks Anamorphic for filming and editing.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy,