How's the yo-yo scene in Memphis TN?


Hello everyone, My name is Brett and I’m about to move to Memphis and was wondering how the yo-yoing scene is there.

I lived in St. Louis for my whole life (Which had a pretty solid group), then I moved to Owensboro KY about 5 months ago (That I introduced yoyoing to… And don’t worry, nobody ells knows where it is either) And now I’m moving to Memphis (Where I don’t know anybody) So I figured I’d check out how the local yo-yo scene is.

i.e. if there are any tournaments and shops and other stuff like that. so if you have any info please respond…
Thanks and if you’re in the Memphis area I’m sure I’ll see you around.



Find Brandon Jackson. He works for Duncan and lives in Tenn. Mark Allen also lives there. Two awesome yoyoers.

Here is a list from 2008.

Aaron Hassler
Ben Rader
Brian Sissom
Bob Green
Bobby Gray
Brandon Jackson
Brian Dennis (And Holly)
David Webb
Gavin Nordyke
Issac Parrish
Joey Demont
Joey Hendricks
Justin Chatham
Logan Piper
Luke Vader
Mark Allen
Michael Chester
Nick Pereira
Peyton Cappel
Ryan Waddington
Samm Scott


I’m in Memphis. You want to meet up sometime.

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It’s a good idea, sometimes, to look at the dates in a thread before you post a comment :wink: