How would I go about this? (Go/Black Cat bearing mod)

Inspired by @d42kn355 ‘s bst post looking for the AA club Go, is it just as simple as swapping the guts? Are they sold separately or would I need to get 720s? Do you just pull the axles out with pliers?

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Durfee -
As explained to me by Sean Lee -
“find someone to buy the bodies from discard store and replace the axle/spacer/bearing with 720 parts. the only difference is they measure the spacers to replicate specific setups.”

And then Chi Him Yip let us know -
“Just a heads up, these are all measured with high precision, getting the body from discard and changing it yourself could make the yo-yos feel very different”

Mind you, this was in regards to the precisely set AA Club International Edition Go’s.

So yeah, this would definitely work with just a set of blackcats or go’s.

Use a rubber pad and a pliers to remove the axle from a standard 720.
Be sure not burr up the axle.

I havent found a place to buy 720 axles separately unfortunately.

Hope this helps!

Also… do you have a pair of Go’s? lol I’d love a set and can’t find those orange ones or black cats anywhere!


Thank you so much for this!

And unfortunately I don’t, i just had this idea occur to me after seeing your post. I had planned on getting some 720s at some point but after seeing your bst I thought it’d be a lot cooler and more unique to make my own pseudo 720s. I’m sure they’ll be a restock of black cats and gos at some point (@YoYoExpertGarrett ?) I wish I had known about the AA Gos beforehand.

Have you tried the Sunrises yet? I’m enjoying them much more than my Initiators.

Edit: also wanted to add that there isn’t a whole lot of 1A yo-yos I’m looking forward to so I don’t have an issue dropping a decent amount of cash on a 2A pet project.


I was thinking of doing the same when I first saw the Go and Black Cats. I love my orange 720, but I’d like something different to pair it with, and I don’t really like many of the other 720 colors. I have a translucent red/black cap 720… Meh, it’s alright. Doesn’t look great next to the orange one.

How do the Sunrises compare to the 720?


This isn’t a direct quote about them in comparison but in regards to the Sunrise bearing’s effect on play, so most of this probably applies. I don’t own 720s yet so I can’t compare.



is that white bearing made of ceramic?



It’s a single piece of nylon, which is part of the transaxle setup for the Blackcat. Much cheaper than a bearing.


oh cool

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