How to tell a ceramic konkave from a normal konkave?


I have a konkave bearing that I was told was ceramic when I got it. I have no way to tell if it is a true ceramic or just a konkave. The shields are off. Is there any test to do that will show me if it is ceramic or not?


Since the shields are off look at the bearings themselves. I believe ceramics are generally white or dull gray. A steel ball will be shiny bright.


Throw it and see if it sounds ceramic. DONT LUBE UNTIL YOU KNOW


How do I knowif it “sounds ceramic”? Also I have heard different rumors about lubing a ceramic… What exactly happens?


Ceramic balls will not conduct electricity from the inner to outer race. So if you’re tricky you can check with a flashlight and a paper clip…


How about a magnet. It seems to me this would work better than the paper clip/flashlight approach.


Please tell m how to do the paper clip and flashlight? Or the magnet method?


Very bad idea…


Please tell me how it is done




So I can test it out…


no, no jullang. I didn’t mean why to your “Please tell me how is is done”. That would be rude of me. My why was to why it is a bad idea to check steel against ceramic bearings with a magnet.

Your’s was a very appropriate request. Sorry for the confusion there.


Oh we’ll that makes more sense. But how do you do both ways? Instructions pleas?


You just need to complete the circuit. You can just use a battery and a light bulb, hold one end of a wire or bent paperclip to the negative end if the battery and put the outer rim of the bearing to the positive bump and touch the other end of the wire to the inner race and see if it lights up…stick the light bulb in the circuit anywhere you want

Do the magnet thing if you just want to mess up your bearing…


I use two little batteries and a LED like this…
bad pix…


Oh I get it thanks. I’ll try it out wen I get home. So if its ceramic the bulb will light up?


No ceramic will not, I put a steel bearing in for effect, ceramic does not conduct electricity, that’s why power line insulators are made of ceramic


So if it lights up its steel and if it doesn’t its ceramic?


just tried it out and the light bulb lit up. does this mean its steel or ceramic?


Steel, or the bearing race is touching both sides.