cErAmIc bEaRiNgS???

i have heard that you dont oil a ceramic bearing. is this true. what happens if you do oil the ceramic bearing? are there different cleaning instructions than a normal bearing?

From Frank Diefeo directly:

“The Ceramic KonKave should be used with the tiniest drop of light oil.
If you Heavily Lube the Ceramic Stainless KonKave for response
it will perform the same as a Heavily Lubed steel Stainless KonKave !”

Basically, only use a little bit of thin lube.

Actually, I have one and it makes it sooo much better when you lube it.


I clean my ceramic bearings like normal and very lightly lube them with out any problems what so ever.

I soak em in mineral spirits then spin em with compressed air for a minute or so. THen use a tooth pick soaked in thin oil… and just touch a few of the balls. I keep them deshielded. Havn’t had a problem with them yet.