How to take of a bearing shield

So, for those who remember (and care) I broke my duncan bearing. It was dented. So, I discovered how to take of the shield. Do these in order until it comes off.

  1. Bang it on the table.
  2. Take the C-clip and get it out
  3. Use a neede/ C-clip, go to the other side of the bearing, and poke out the stuck shield.
    From here, things get risky. I’m not responsible.
  4. Take off one shield, submerge the bearing in water, then put on the other shield and the C-clip. Don’t put the C-clip into the on that’s stuck. Your bearing should be full of water. Still keeping it submerged, put it in a ziploc bag. Kind of scoop it up. Drain some water, leave enough to cover the bearing. Then, freeze it. Check tomorrow.
  5. This is the last one, and the last resort. Take a knife, and just poke a hole in the shield (the stuck on of course! Then, use a thumbtack to enlarge the hole. The shield needs to be broken in two. Use the tack to move the shield up, so you can grab the broken side. Pull.


Likewise. Batryn, not to bring you down but I don’t think freezing the bearing is good for it or any of the ones listed after the “I’m not responsible” part. Even if it is dented, why would you bother to deshield it?

The dent was jamming the bearing. The dent was on the shield. I was desperate, it wouldn’t work anyways.

Wait. This is stuck to your yoyo!!! And you froze it??? Sorry but this makes me cringe a little.

No, the dent on the shields were jamming the bearing.

Ah. Ok.

ow…I am devastated…

all of my bearings are deshielded ;D there si much smoother, and easy to take care of…

Yeah. If you don’t mind cleaning your bearing frequently. :wink:

It was have a broken bearing, or destroyed shield.

Yeah. You risked the bearing too though!

Yea, I wouldn’t freeze it. The metal would get could and join together and/or the water will rust it. Not a very god idea… 1-3 is the best way because you can put it back in and it is safe… and 5 is ok, but it may harm the inn(erds?) of your bearing.


I tried em all. Any ways, like I’m trying to point out, the shield was jamming the bearing. So it was already broken, get it? It wouldn’t move anyways, so no risk.