How to take care of a new bearing?

Today I got my new Billybob bearing,and I dont want it to become like my other bearings,everytime I buy a new bearing,the bearing ‘dies’ within 1-2 days of playtime, and I dont want tonruin this bearing, so do you guys have any tips on playing w/ a new bearing? And im terribly sorry for my crappy English.

Lubricant my friend, lubricant.

If it has shields, take one off and put a pinhead of thin lube on one ball. Spin on a pen or something to work it in a little. Put it in the yoyo and you’re good to go.
If it starts making noises and becomes really responsive, just keep playing it. Do not open the yoyo up and start messing with it. Bearings need to be broken in and sometimes noises and grabby periods are a part of that.

You can either lube it or just play it dry. I’m too lazy to lube any of my bearings until they start acting funny.

Cleaned my bearings for the first time ever, wasn’t half as frightening as I thought. I used acetone in a glass cup with just enough to cover the bearing. Holy smokes does it spin forever when you flick it after cleaning it. I ended up lubing it and now it takes some break-in time to spin as much as when it was dry.

lubing can be good if your bearing is screaming… but if its not screaming do not lube the bearing… over lubing can cause issues and can sling oil on your brakes making it hard to bind.