how to take a axle out of a fireball/raider

I want to change my fireball to a raider for better loops but can not seem to know how to take the axle out. Any help is apprciated.

Pliers seem to do the trick for me (on my Raider).

you just pull it straight out.

I’m going to assume that was supposed to be in question form.

No, I gripped the axle with my pliers and then spun the yo-yo to unscrew the axle.

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You want to grip it but you don’t want to damage it!

I put a piece of electrical tape between the axle and pliers, grip very tight, and unscrew.

I find that the fireball axles come out harder than the raider axles.

Both will take a nice tight grip.

The electrical tape also helps so that you don’t scrape up the axle trying to twist it off.

Good luck!


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And… why do you want the axle out?

He stated it in his original post.

I swithched the guts of my saber raider to my fireball and it works great.