How to start a Yo-yo Club: A guide

Pop over to, I’ve written a post on how to start a yoyo club, or how to enlarge it if you already have one!

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Definitely going to keep this in mind. It seems like no one throws in Toronto though…

No one except these guys

If you are on Facebook talk to this guy

Sadly, I am not. Is Yoyotoronto still active?

LOL, funny how this got posted just as I have seriously started considering making a club.

I made a club, and as soon as I did, my wife went through extreme efforts to ensure I can’t run this club.

I’m trying to work and she’s making it impossible for me to work. I can’t take any appointments anymore since she’s ensured all the other stuff is scheduled when I would need to do things.

I agree with all the advice in the article. I just wish I didn’t have people sabotaging me at every turn.

I strongly encourage you to make a go of it. I read the OP’s article, and he had some great suggestions. Fellavader had a great idea of using a space at his church. He got the most awesome space for regular indoor meets, and of course the church members have kids, so it helped grow the club. I can’t believe what he has accomplished so far. See the NH Yo-Yo Club thread for more.

Thanks for all the feedback! I’m open to suggestions. what other topics should I write about?

Maybe How to start to play Yo-Yo ? ;D

I wish I had a club but no one yoyos in my area.

How to design a properly functioning yoyo and what the limitations in machining for different types of Lathes. (If that makes sense). So stuff like where you want your weight, minimum wall thickness for different materials, and what the response, bearing seat, and axle area should be.

Now, that would probably be near impossible to write, so maybe an easier option would be to talk about the different kinds of annodization. I know what acid washes and splash and that sort of thing is, but I have absolutely no idea what Slip Matte or other of those things mean.

Yeah, those are my two ideas, although both would be really hard to write. I don’t really care wether or not you write them, they were just random concepts summoned by your call for inspiration. Okay. I’ll stop typing now.

I have no idea how yoyos are designed…so that would take research.

As to the differen types of finish, that one I may do, thanks!