How to Ship With a Box URGENT


How do I ship a yoyo with its box? I want to ship with the small Priority box from USPS, but I’m afraid it won’t fit or it’ll be squashed.


Those boxes are too flat for an assembled yoyo. Solution is easy as it gets:

Disassemble the yoyo, and put the axle and bearing in a Ziploc baggie. Wrap each yoyo half in bubble wrap or similar protective wrap. Put these and the baggie into the box along with some more bubble wrap or crumpled-up paper (store flyers work fine) to prevent them from moving around inside the box.



What about the box? As in the yoyo box? Sorry if I didn’t clarify.

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Most boxes should be able to unfold into a flat form.


Yup. And if there’s a sticker preventing it from folding down flat…well, you only have two choices: get a bigger shipping box than those priority boxes, or slice the sticker with a blade. Most buyers won’t care.

begin rant:

Honestly, I don’t even know why so many people WANT the original box. It’s just a box. If the yoyo has been taken out and played, the box no longer has an inherent value. Do people display these? They’re a pain in my butt because I keep them in the event that a buyer insists on one, but I sure wish our little BST culture didn’t have some weird obsession with the box.

end rant.


Yeah no. It’s a Yeti box.


Flat rate boxes are more expensive to ship anyway for something as light as a yoyo… You can buy perfect shipping boxes from office supply stores for cheap and saves a lot of headache. I hate getting yoyos in the mail that are taken apart and crammed into a tiny flat rate box, too much stuff that can shift and move and go wrong.


I’m indifferent to my yoyos being taken apart prior to shipping (if a proper box is used), but if you need to preserve the box, NathanC’s got the right idea.

Yeti boxes can be flattened down. You just need to slice the sticker. For the love of Pete, people. These are $50 yoyos in disposable (recyclable!) cardboard boxes.


Agreed. Though I do keep my CLYW boxes, they have cool art and whatnot.



I prefer the yoyo to be taken apart for shipping. My feeling is if a guy sloppily packs a disassembled yoyo he’ll do the same for an assembled one, which is much more likely to be damaged than if it were taken apart.


The best way is to ship it fully assembled in the box, the same way the store sent it to you brand new. With that flat rectangular priority box…you might have to improvise. But, for how to avoid the dilemma in the future:,56953.0.html


My thoughts exactly, the only reason why I want the box is if Im not 100% sure if I want to keep or trade it, and that is just because everyone else wants the stupid box!


I have a whole drawer full of yoyo boxes, the funny part is that i sell most of them, i think i have make around $20 on the boxes alone.