How to package a yoyo

I am sending a yoyo to a friend, how should I ship it? Should I take it apart and put the pieces in plastic bags or bubble wrap it string and all?
Thank you!

That’s up to you. I prefer to take them apart. I think it’s less likely to be damaged. but that’s just me. HSPIN used to ship their yoyos that way.

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Depends on the box. I like to use the USPS Priority boxes that are 7"x6"x7". I’ll package up to 3-4 yoyos in those. Plenty of space in them so that they wont get damaged. IF I’m using a small flat rate box, then I take them apart, wrap them separately package the axle and bearing in a little bag.

But generally I like to use an oversized box, and not take them apart.

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I like to keep the smaller squarish boxes that alot of yoyos are shipped in that way I have the right box when I need or want to sell one.

Thick packing paper, bubble wrap (big or small, or even air pillows), and packing peanuts all are excellent. If you dont have those Ive seen paper towels used to the same effect.

Take your time packing it up, make sure nothing can jostle, slide, or move around. If it does, add more packing stuffing untill that stops.

I take mine apart if I need to but usually I dont.
I like to make a “nest” for the yoyo. Line the bottom and a little bit of the sides of shipping box, take your yoyo (either in its own retail box or if not wrap the yoyo up in your padding of choice. Set it in the middle, and fill the rest up until it doesnt move anymore.

Icing on the cake is after you did all that, before you seal it up, Put some candy (jolly ranchers, Hichew, etc. nothing chocolate!) in there, some extra strings, stickers, cards, what ever extra swag you have around. Its small stuff but it matters. :slight_smile: I also keep a tub of BUFF around and makre sure to polish them up right before packing them and shipping them off. The smell and look is worth it during unboxing.


Would a bubble wrapped large paper package be alright? I can see about something else if not.

Always use a well padded box - NEVER use a padded envelope of any kind - you’re just asking for trouble if you do.

I use only small flat rate priority mail boxes. it’s faster, it’s air mail shipping, it’s safer ( my shipments always arrive in a couple days ), and i have never seen one of those boxes damaged at delivery. perfect for 1 to 4 yoyos. and it’s only $7.15

If you have no other packing options you can use the padded envelope in place of bubble wrap, paper towels, packing paper etc, to go inside the box, but never the envelpoe by itself. It might make it ok be thats not a chance Id ever take.

ONLY IF you take it apart and pad it well, but NOT recommended.

Looks like I have a box to put it in, thanks for all the help!

This is interesting because I’ve mailed out probably a hundred yoyos by now and I typically put them in a padded mailer envelope, as-is, assembled. Like so:


(these packages usually contain one plastic responsive in a box, and one metal unresponsive yoyo right next to it, not in a box)

I don’t disagree that a box is a good idea, but I also can’t say that anyone who has received the yoyos in the padded envelopes has ever indicated any kind of damage.

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