How to set up double dice?

I want to try my hand at the doubly dice style but don"t really know how to set up for it. If anyone has a video or in depth explanation on how to set it up i would appreciate it greatly.

Add dice like normal 5a on the end of the string…before attaching string to yoyo add second dice shaaazaaaammm 2 dice setup

ha, thanks, i thought it was mare complicated, i feel like a total idiot now :slight_smile:

I did too…don’t feel bad :stuck_out_tongue:

You “can” do it that way by doubling up on regular dice but for weight/balance purposes I’d HIGHLY recommend going to a gaming store and getting gaming dice. People use different setups but I like a 20 sided die for the cw actually tied to the string and a smaller 6 sided die for the sliding cw. I’m no expert by any means but you might benefit from trying the gaming dice. Some gaming stores even have a small scale behind the counter(funny I know) where you can weigh the 2 gaming dice together to try to match the weight of a duncan die.

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Yea, using two Duncan dice will be very heavy (but maybe that’ll suit you).

Most DDers use lighter dice (as described in the post above) and drill a hole through them.