How to ruin the excitement of new yoyo day all caught on video

Well was having fun, until my bassalope EXPLODED…

The yoyo is not in good shape it flew across the room, blasted into the wall, bounced across the table until it landed in a glass bowl on the table where it spun out…

I still cant find the bearing LOL…

Aww… FAIL!

Lol, it was hilarious when your eyes got wider when it flew up in the air. The last part was funny too… “YoYo Destroyed: CLYW Bassalope.”

Hope you find your bearing, and sorry about what happened to your new Bassalope.

ouch. hope it didnt get messed up too bad. Tell us when you find a bearing. Now i have to play taps.

LOL Your face!!! It’s so funny!!!

Sorry about that yoyo though. I’m sure you’ll find all the missing pieces.

Now that its nice and beat, can I have it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry trhat happened Brett, hope you find all the parts.

Wow. I would have cried.


Happy Bad Throwing Day! =[

That honestly made me sad.

OUCH. Hope you find the bearing

HAHAHHAHAHHAHA sorry for your loss…but the high speed footage of this is just HILARIOUS!!

I just noticed the shirt.

Anyone notice this, or was it overlooked by the yoyo exploding?

Dig that shirt Brett.

I suppose it just unscrewed? Hope you find the stuff you’re looking for.

Cool shirt.

I saw it. I was about to post something, but I decided not to because it was off-topic.

I would cry forever… uaehuehu

I do not know what I would do
sad :’(

For someone with such a smooth, deliberate style you sure have documented some epic yoyo tragedies. I’d hate to hear about what happens when the camera is off. Sorry about your new throw.

i hate it when i start hearing my yoyo unscrew, scary hollow sound (quickly grab it)…

Aww dude i’d feel sick for a long time :-[ :-[
sorry man…

~Gorrilla_yo :’(