how to remove duncan logo?

how do i remove the logo on my duncan mosquito

Put a little brake fluid on a rag and rub vigorously.

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Hm… this method maintain the polish underneath?

Yes it does. When you get the logo off then with a damp rag, gently clean off any brake fluid and you are done.

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would nail polish remover work?

Nail polish remover is usually acetone. It will cloud the look of the plastic, gum up the surface of the yo-yo, and if you use too much it will dissolve the plastic. Don’t use it. Use the brake fluid.

just a question to clarify, is brake fluid brake cleaner?

No, brake fluid is what goes into the master cylinder and brake lines. Brake cleaner is used to clean the brake drums or rotors. They are not the same thing.

Break fluid. DOT 3.