brake cleaner

would brake CLEANER get the logo off duncan caps

idk but try a knife or suction cup

You wouldn’t use a knife to remove the logo from the caps.

I don’t think that brake cleaner will work. You want to use brake fluid on a cloth and then rub the logo off with that.

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Brake cleaner may really screw up the caps. That stuff is bad stuff. Don’t even get it on your skin. TOXIC!!!

it not really toxic i got it on my skin before and im fine now

Did you read the warnings on the label? I mean mechanics once washed their hands with gasoline and it didn’t hurt them till 15 to 20 years later. Now Cancer from the gas is killing them.

Like I said. TOXIC!

Read this Bro!

Use Dot 3. Apply to q-tip, put q tip in drill, drill on cap. Or you can use a cloth. But drill’s faster.