how to make yoyo string?

how did they make yoyo strings?
i need a video! (except by xela)
much better if it is step by step & understandable :slight_smile:

(except also the G-String text in YYN, i super don’t understand)

please help!


he only dose a type 4 string put if you want a type 6 or 8 go around your 2 anchors that many times. Go from one anchor to the next and back again is one gauge do this 6 times for a type 6. i recommend a plug in drill because it never puts out on you. Spin the string for around 25 to 35 seconds depending on the with of your thread and the power of the drill. For a string for a good sized person I suggest making your anchors about 11 feet apart. you can use really anything that will fit in a drill that has a hook on it. for the wights just use something with a bit of wight and is connected by a string. but really what he is doing is the easiest to do. Hope this helps. Later.

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he said excepts xela’s vid dude,
just want to point it out

and for the instruction stuff
try this site:
it helped me when I tried to make string
hope it helps
just remember when making string…Have FUN!!! :slight_smile:

That’s why I filled in all the details. I figured if I gave all the missing info that would help. Later.

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ohh ok, just want to clear all thing up

It’s cool, don’t worry about it. Later.

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