How to make a yo yo heavier?


I removed the clutch/auto-return mechanism from my Duncan Reflex. Now it seems so abnormaly light that I can’t play with it, and it sleeps for extremely short times. Any ways to make it heavier? I was thinking of filling the places where the clutch mechanism was with water or something like that ;D


Don’t use water, it will leak and the way liquid settles, it won’t be exactly conducive to good play.

You have a few options. One would be the use of rubber o-rings as weight rings. These can be obtained at many hardware stores. The idea is to have them fit to the outer portion of the cup that forms the outside of the yoyo. Another idea is to use modelling clay or some sort of similar material to do the same thing. Another option might be metal washers, but the problem with that is if they go against the bottom, they add center weight, and if they go to the outside, it’s more rim-weight. The question is "how do I get them to stay on the outside. The idea might be to get a pair of washers you can glue into the caps, one on each side. Another idea I don’t recommend is the use of flowable silicone or gasket making silicone to make the weight. If you use gasket maker silicone, it tends to stay put. If you’re using flowable and want to use that to make a weight ring, you’ve got to find some way to make a mold or some other method to restrict where the flowable goes.

The transaxle system doesn’t sleep as long as a ball bearing. As you’ve also noticed, the lack of weight also has a good deal to do with the spin times as well.

Also, keep in mind, the expected life span of a Reflex is approximately 30 days. Most people have upgraded within 2 weeks or have moved on. My kids used them for 3 months to learn to throw properly before they got their upgrades. These aren’t built to be a long term solution. They are a starter/learner yoyo.


Could I suggest getting a new yoyo instead? you would probably enjoy your new yoyo now since you’ve learned to throw and wanting to get more from your reflex but couldn’t.


I agree. Skip trying to do weird things with the reflex, and just get a new yoyo. I suggest the North Star.