how to loosen a string for begginers


When you are a beginner yo yo person type thing you probably won’t know how to loosen your string with the flying saucer trick or the washing machine trick. So first you unravel your yo yo completely, then you hold it by the actual plastic or metal part, after that let the string hang loosely while you hold the body, it should start spinning without you touching it once it stops spinning you have successfully loosened your yo yo string.

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Good job! This should help out some people.


Yeah, Andre explains this here.

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When you get a little more advanced, you can grab the yoyo string 2 inces below the middle, then, bring your yo thowing hand under the yo, then, see which way the string tangles, then, pull the string so it will not be tangled, next, start swirling your yo hand in a circular motion the opisite way the sting was tangling. Do this a little more than you saw it tangling. Sorry for it being confusing, ill try to find a video of this.

Found a vid! Look closly, He uses it in the begining, it is the first thing he does. (The video is on the m1, not on loosening your sting, but he loosess his sting the way i was tring to say so i posted this video.)