How to improve the DM2

What is a good bearing to use to improve or upgrade the dark magic 2?? Or is the Speed bearing good enough??

What is it you find needs fixing other than the bearing?
Should be good to go w/the speed bearing.

i used to use the speed bearing in mine and it was pretty smooth but when my friend put a concave bearing in it then it got smoother and the binds were better, so my suggestion is to try it and if you dont like it then you could always switch back

I can’t agree with kk’s giving better binds. They tend to keep a lot of string away from the response like they are designed to do. Problem is you need that string on that response area to get a good bind.

For the OP, the stock bearing is more that suitable for any play style you want including plenty of spin time.

i do agree with Icthus, thats what a KK does also less friction for longer spin times and what not. I have a center trac bearing, and as far as binds, a flat bearing will grab a lot more, but the kk spins longer and u can even get more strings on the bearing w/ less friction. Just test around. I prefer the Center Trac.

alright so i guess ill stick with the yoyojam speed bearing. o and quick question how do u take off the hub caps of the dm2?

You use a suction cup and pop it out.

use a suction cup and actually i used a small peice of duct tape for my new breed caps and it came off in one pull…

if you take off the caps u should be able to thumb grind right?

YOYOJAM, using duct tape and ripping the caps out can cause a risk of wrecking the cap design. The picture on the cap may be torn.

And yes you can thumb grind with caps off. Andre Boulay does them on his DM but you have a DM2.
I can grind on it well.


well skeletonboy i did it on my new breed caps and they are the mirrored caps and they r fine but i guess a suction cup is best…

wait skeleton boy do u suggest that i thumb grind without caps or with caps?

It is 99% impossible to thumb grind with caps.

Well then you have been misled. KK’s are NOT designed to give tighter binds. the Physics of it won’t allow it either. Of all the 7 years of my yoyoing and with just about every bearing out there I think I have a bit of knowledge on the subject. If you only “think” that is the case then you should research a bit more. The KK is designed to keep the string away from the sides of the yoyo. How then is it suposed to bind better?

Not true, I was able to do them consecutively on the DM that I had. And I had the caps in.

how did he say it would help bind better

That’s why I said 99%. And most people here prefer caps of grinding. Like just don’t make the OP think that you are supposed to thumb grind caps on. You can, but you need skill.

Just remember that 99% impossible is the same as 100% possible. But we get what you were saying.

Actually, it is 99% possible to thumb grind with caps on (for the Dark Magic II). That’s what I usually do. It is a good habit, as it helps to prevent you from relying too much on the caps. Furthermore, the thumb grind in 0:19 in this video also requires caps.