How to grow a youtube channel


So i have been doing rather well with my youtube channel so far. But wanted to know if you all know of where else i could share my videos besides yoyo expert? Any other forums or go to places for yoyoers? Or any ideas on how to share it to more people in general maybe to non yoyoers to interest them and get them involved with the sport?


There’s a yoyo subreddit, there’s a community on instagram #trickcircle, there’s Facebook groups. Those are the main 3 as far as I know.


What are some yoyo Facebook groups…? Most popular?

(Erik Kerber ) #4

The biggest one I would say is “Yoyo BST and Talk”


Mandiz iv always liked your vids. Iv learned alot of tricks and parts of tricks from your youtube channel. Keep it up doggie and keep em comin!