How to get out a stuck axle without breaking it?


As the title says. Please help. Thanks


you can post photos?



the best method would be to tighten two nuts on the axle, tighten them together, and then unscrew the nuts with a wrench.
if this is not possible you can wrap multiple layers of a strip of cloth or wrap rounds of electrician tape on the axis and then take it with pliers and unscrew … clearly not over tighten the clamps, you can strip the threads.
if you have doubt no that axis reuse! buy a new one in ironmongery (easily found and cost nothing) … an axis with ruined thread when screwed onto the shell you will ruin … and you throw it all away!!!


As persson suggests, the double nut method works well. Check it out here (along with other useful info): Useful modification & maintenance guides - Axles,Clean, repair, tune, fix yoyos


Wrap the axle around some cloth, then use pliers to twist it out.


Thanks guys, the double nut method worked very well.