How to get a longer sleep time w/ Duncan Proyo?

its has a wooden axle, so lube wont work and i heard something about string tension?

There is nothing outside putting a bearing in that, thats going too help you. working on your throw is your best bet… You can smooth out the axle by buffing it with the string. People used to wax the string, but I never found that worked well on wooden axles only on steel.

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I think it’s time to upgrade to something with a ball bearing. That’s your best bet.

If you’re into Loopers, the Shinwoo Loop is the way to go for inexpensive.
If you’re into responsive or unresponsive play, the YoYoFactory ONE packaged with the large bearing is the way to go, rather than the DVD. It comes with the smaller responsive bearing pre-installed, and you can swap the larger bearing when you’re ready for unresponsive play.
If you’re into unresponsive play, the YoYoFactory Whip is ideal.
All are available for $10 each. Fantastic for a budget.

But, aside from those recommendations, YYE also offers a huge range of stuff for all play types and with different price ranges. There’s plenty of good choices.

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just upgrade to a ball bearing, you will get 4x longer sleep times…

As noted above the primary thing you can do in general is work on your throw. Keeping your string tension loose helps to some degree.

If you are just interested in how long you can make it sleep, there is a technique used when people are trying for a record sleep time that involves twisting the string to continually adjust the string tension. It’s not useful for general play.

If you’re are gonna go big, you might wanna think of getting a new yoyo. Something with a ball bearing. As mentioned in Studio42.

What is the duncan proyo sleeptime average.

You can get 2mins 53 secs on a brass fixed axle yoyo, Tim Redmond did it.
He also got 21min 37sec with a Terrapin X bearing.
You gotta be good…

I don’t think anyone is going to get sleep times anywhere near close to 3 minutes with a wooden axle.

I had a Duncan butterfly go unresponsive on me once. That was because I ridiculously unwound the string so the outside part of the loop was about 2 inches away from the axle.

Like was said before, we used to use a string to polish the axle. The idea was to make the surface of the wood as hard and slippery as possible. You might not even notice the difference, though. The best bets are watch the string tension, (Assuming you’re right handed, every time you throw the yoyo, it puts another half twist in the string. Let the yoyo hang and unwind the twist in the string a little every once in a while. If the loop around the axle gets too tight, it won’t sleep.) and/or since it’s a Proyo, use a suction cup to pop off the caps and add some weight to it. I still enjoy throwing a wooden axle, sometimes. Shoot I’ve bought bearing yoyos and converted them to wood…

well how about proyo i think thats what i asked

True. OK I’m nobody special, just an old guy who loves yoyos. I just read your question and went upstairs and threw a few Proyos. Bone stock Proyo, cotton string - around 20 seconds. With a dirtybirdy mod (adds around 16 grams) - closer to 40 seconds. I’m sure most here that haven’t had their chest cracked open lately could do better. ::slight_smile:

Java can i have a proyo for 2-3 dollars.

Hi if u don’t want 1 of ur proyos i will bye it for 1,2,3 dollars. I really want one

Why don’t you just get a better throw?

If you’re talking to me I have a Yomega Fireball, Fast 201 and a YYf whip. i also have a butterfly but i lost it. I want a proyo cause i really want one.

Try crucial spr’s. I used them to largebearingify my FH2. You may need to send it to a modder though.

Well, a brand new one is only about $4, and YYE is about a thousand miles closer to Canada than I am, so with shipping it would probably save you money to buy one from them!