how to find serial number on new duncan freehand Mg ??? just picked this dude up brand new in box today…anyone know where to spot the serial number? This one was produced in 2006… I’m the first person to touch it :o

A little bit of new yoyo porn… :o

Don’t think Mgs were ever serialized, even the first run of Grey and Red (in the black boxes with silver counterweights). I’ve owned 3 Mgs and none had serials, including my current black one.

No serials on my old black recessed or current original red sparkle MG.
So not hard to find- nonexistent!

They are serialized dude… Look on yoyo history museum… Your black one is a remake… ::slight_smile:

All I’m sayin is this is way more rare than your later made black reproduction.

duncan mgs do not have serial numbers

Those things really are beautiful Yo-Yo’s, I can’t imagine why no Serial on such an exclusive release as this one. Not a lot of Throwers will ever know the feeling of being in Club Freehand Mg, congratulations

They do not have serial numbers. I have had the original unrecessed version in red, and the “remake” recessed version in black in my possession at the same time, neither had a number. I’m holding the halves of my red one right now, no number. No markings of any kind.

Yours really isn’t any rarer than anyone else’s, I promise. And it doesnt have a serial number. Hopefully you can still enjoy it.

Ummm, you do know Chimera runs the museum yo-yo of history, don’t you? I believe he’s quite familiar with what’s on it.

In a sense, the Official “DUNCAN” Logo on an Item IS the Serial Number. 8)

There are no markings at all on the body of the yoyo. Only the caps. All metal is powder/ano, no engraving or stamping.

There have never been serial numbers on Freehand MGs.

Sarcasm? Anyway, Steve confirmed below - no serials on Mgs and if anyone would know it’s him.

Mine has one. There for it is most rare.

I can only conclude that this must be the original Proto marked 01.

I think you are confusing the ‘exhibit number’ with a serial number… the number in the museum is just an indicator of when it was added to the museum, it has nothing to do with the yo-yo itself.

As confirmed many times already, there are no serial numbers on any Mg.


I have two Mg’s no serial number on either.
Although one does have XI or IX scratched into the pad recces, before it was anodized. Maybe it was a proto, I don’t really know, but that is what I was told it was.
Got it 2008 as at least it’s third owner.

The blue one I use has nothing.

I think you are confused by a bit of satire.