How to exit a green triangle gracefully (CLYW Cabin Tutorials - Spaceship)


I am working on the CLYW Cabin Tutorials - Spaceship ( After the “move around your spaceship part” I have trouble grasping what’s happening to exit that mount. It seems that it’s a green triangle that he exits out very smoothly. The part I’m talking about is here:

Could anybody give me pointers on what’s happening there? Maybe point me to another video that spends more time explaining how to exit that (what might be some sort of green triangle)?

Your help is much appreciated!
Happy Thanksgiving :slight_smile:

he is rolling the yoyo on the string and pushing his hand forward :slight_smile:
it will only work on cross gt the you need to pop the yoyo to your side

If you don’t mind me asking, do you know if there is another tutorial on the spaceship trick? I would really like to learn it, but with what he does, he moves a bit to fast for me. I have learned some of the cabin tuts before, but it takes me forever. If you know of another video, please let me know, thanks!