How to do goofy hops

I can’t find any tutorials on goofy hops? Can someone tell me how or find a tutorial on how to do goofy hops?

Come on reapply no tips or tricks on how to do this trick?

That’s the one from one and a half right? It’s kind of like an undermount eli hop, can you do those? For me, I had a problem with them where it wasn’t smooth but what helped me is to keep my non throw hand over my throw hand when doing them so I don’t really need to flip out of the one and a half. The rest is usually having a glove on your throw hand because it did burn a bit in the beginning. Also, it’s moving mostly your throwhand closer to your non throwhand and pulling your non throw hand back, like for an eli hop for example, you move your non throwhand closer to your throw hand and pull it back.

I hope that helped! I think G2 Jake on youtube has a tutorial where it’s called like pitch and catch.

This is where I learned it from. You notice how he’s bouncing his throw hand back and forth to his non throw hand and his non throw hand is kind of raised so he doesn’t really need to use that much force to get out of a one and a half.

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