How to do a good slow bind?

Meaning if the yoyo is spinning very slow.

move your hands slower.

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Remember, don’t pinch the loop and bring your hands closer. Yes! It does make a better bind. But, NO, it will most likely slow your yoyo even more.

But if you do what Schnayke said fast, it’s ok. As long as you don’t stall when you bring your hands closer.

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Cool! Thanks guys!!!

I’m confused skel. How do you do that fast??

You pinch your loop and pull it toward the yoyo fast. If you do that slowly, there will be string build up in the yoyo which causes the yoyo to slow down. So pinch the loop and pull down real good in a binding motion but don’t stall.

if you’re sidestyle here’s a nice and easy bind you can do, and you’re guaranteed to get it without knots, works well with 1A, many people do it

So the regular bind you sort of go into a “reverse” trapeze of some sort, you don’t want to do this here

start from the trapeze, dismount and instead of hopping the yoyo to the reverse-ish trapeze you usually do, you take your non throw hand and wrap the string against the right side of the yoyo, much like when you first learn brain twister mount, but with the yoyo spinning in the other direction this time, cross, pull, catch.

not sure you got it but well… I hope so

Be gentle and exaggerate the pulling-up on your throw hand to make up for the low spin.

Just move slowly. you can roll the yoyo from a stop into a bind if you do it right.

Isn’t this the same as the reverse trapeze?

Yes, it’s the same. But instead of hopping into a reverse trapeze, you move your throwhand to do the reverse trapeze.