How to design a wooden yoyo?

The pastor of my church does a lot of woodworking and has a lathe and stuff. A while back he noticed that I was using a wooden yoyo instead of my Protostar and told me that if I can come up with a design for him, then he’ll make a wooden yoyo for me. We discussed the different types of wooden yoyos, and he can make basically anything I guess.

So what’s the first step to making a yoyo? I honestly have no clue.

Here are some design video’s.  Wood though is tricky in a lot of ways.  Wood is going to be lighter than aluminum, so you need to add a lot more thickness.  Take a look at the different wood yoyos that you may have seen after watching these.  Also, you’ll never be able to make each half identical with wood, as you can’t use the same piece, you can get it close, but the density will be slightly off.  A/rt has made some of the nicest wooden bearing yoyos that have been made.


Do you plan on making a bearing yoyo or a fixed-axle one?